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In November, we supplied a control trailer c/w tower, fuel tank, and switchgear to Rocky Mountain Equipment.  The trailer was sold to a customer who will be running a C120 jaw screen, feeder, feeder screen, HP300 cone with an IC70C automation package, and numerous conveyors and stackers.  The IC70C screen was installed in the tower beside the control console, allowing the operator to run the cone as efficiently as possible.  Roller blinds have been installed on each of the tower windows to cut down on glare and reduce heat during the summer.  We also supplied a steel work bench with 15 drawers and 2 cabinets to increase storage.

We supplied and installed lights and wiring into a custom built trailer by Competition Trailer Sales for Altalink in October.  The lighting included 12V and 120V lights inside and 120V flood lights on the outside of the trailer.  A solar panel was installed on the roof to charge batteries and a 120V charger was installed when the trailer will be plugged into power.  All of the lights and plugs are set up to run off a 15A 125V circuit.

In August 2018, we added to an existing trailer for GCS Energy Services.  We added switchgear in order for the customer to run an additional Sandvik cone on their plant.  Switchgear was added to the other side of the trailer and a new plug box was added with camlok plugs for the cone connections.

Our customer provided a trailer and 200kW genset with existing switchgear that he had purchased.  We removed the switchgear and added a panel in order to allow him to run a jaw plant with a 150HP jaw, 30HP VGF, 20HP discharge conveyor, 10HP grizzly, and a 50HP stacker.  We also provided a set of aluminum stairs for the trailer.

We built a control trailer for Rocky Mountain Equipment to run a jaw, feeder, twin screen, HP400 cone, and stackers and conveyors.  It is a brand new trailer with switchgear, fuel tank, tower, work bench, pressurization system for the tower, and roll-out platform for the side door.  The electrical has been CSA certified to make it easier for the customer to meet all local safety requirements.  

Here are some pictures of the trailer we built for Penner & Lewis Rock Technologies in March 2018.  The customer supplied the trailer, but we supplied and installed the tower, switchgear, work bench, and air compressor.  The trailer is set up to run a jaw, feeder, twin screen, HP400 cone, stackers, conveyors, and spares.  There is room available in the switchgear to add additional starters for future expansion.  The tower also comes with a pressurization system to provide extra comfort and safety for operators.

Attached are pictures of a cone panel we built for Great West Equipment.  The panel is designed as a standalone electrical panel to run either an Metso HP300 or HP400 cone and has all of the buttons and controls mounted on the door.  It has been set up so that it can run dual motors or a single motor on the cone.  The panel will be used to rent to customers that do not have the required controls and interlocks to run a cone plant in their existing system.

I made a trip in August to supply and install cables and ends on an older HP400 cone with twin 200HP motors and a new C106 jaw in Vernon, B.C.  The trip through the mountains was smoky at times, but we had a few days in Vernon where it was clear.  The smoke in Calgary was worse than Vernon at the same time.

We supplied custom controls and starters to install in a customer supplied trailer for Southern Industrial & Truck Ltd.  The customer is Coderre & Sons Construction Ltd.  The controls were set up for an older Sandvik cone, with space available to update to a newer cone.  Southern Industrial installed the customer’s main genset into the trailer before start-up.  The auxiliary genset is connected to the 480V Motor Control Centre and is interlocked with the main genset so that only one generator can provide power to the system at a given time.